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12 February 2018:


As it's coming up to Valentine's Day, and love is in the air(!), I thought I would share Yogi Bhajan's thoughts on love:

"Man has to live in love—love which is not lust. Love where there is no possession, no slavery of another person. Love which is a giving. Love which is for the sake of love. Love which lasts forever. Love which is a total sacrifice. Love which is more than the grace of God itself. Love which gives a halo around the face of the person. Love through which one can see God in the eyes of the person. Love with which the body shines, the words become sweet, and the communication is absolutely beautiful. That love for which one sacrifices his own life to save a little bit of injury to another person. That love with which one pleasantly and peacefully takes all the pain in his heart to redeem another fellow being. That love can only flow when one knows how to tune into that universal God."  

You can read more on the website.

22 January 2018:

Elimination Problems?

I'm an avid collector of books on nutrition (I even have a diploma in nutrition!) so, as last week we looked at the Root Chakra, I thought I'd share some tips on how to deal with physical elimination problems, i.e. constipation!

We should empty our bowels regularly (more than once a day!).  A high fibre diet will really help to get things moving - plenty of fruit and veg.  When buying breads, pastas or rice we should be looking for those with the most fibre.  Michael Greger in his excellent book, How Not to Die, has a great tip on what constitutes high fibre or not: look at the amount of carbohydrate per serving and then divide that number by the amount of fibre.  If the answer is 5 or less, it's a good choice to make.  So, say something contains 32g of carbohydrate per serving, and has 8g of fibre, 32 divided by 8 equals 4 - i.e. a high fibre food!

It's important to drink plenty of water to avoid constipation.   Drinking aloe vera juice can also help.  Good foods to eat include oats, prunes and flaxseeds (and, of course, fruit and veg!)  Try to avoid meat and dairy if possible.

And don't forget that Kundalini Yoga kriyas that focus on the Root Chakra can help to get things moving!

14 January 2018:

The First (Root) Chakra 

The Root Chakra is located in the perineum at the end of the spine between the anus and sex organs.

This chakra is all about our security and survival, and our health.  It’s associated with the Earth element and when it’s functioning we feel grounded, secure, trusting and calm.  We have a strength and a confidence, and also a healthy constitution.  When it’s not functioning we can feel rootless, like we don’t belong and have fears and insecurities.  We can be defensive and lack trust or can become obsessive, greedy and jealous.

If the first chakra is functioning we are able to eliminate, physically, mentally and emotionally.  When it’s not functioning we can have problems with constipation, we hold onto things and can’t let them go.

Fear can often stem from feeling separate – from the Earth, our loved ones, our desires, and how we want our life to be.  And this fear can lead to stress, harming us physically and emotionally.

In week one, we’ll be doing a kriya to relax and release this fear.  This will be followed by a meditation to ground us and connect us to the Root Chakra, balancing out the Earth element.

10 January 2018:

The Chakras?  What Are They?

I'm soon going to be teaching a new course, 'Balancing The Chakras'.  But what are the Chakras?

They're areas of energy consciousness that exist in us all.   There are 7 in the body and the aura is the 8th Chakra.  They’re like spinning wheels of energy and they represent various parts of the physical body, our emotions, and our perceptions and how we project ourselves to the outside world.

It’s important that the chakras are unblocked and balanced so that the energy can flow through them.  In Kundalini Yoga we say that the energy sits at the base of the spine and that it rises up through the body and through the Chakras.  When we open and balance the Chakras we open the senses so that we can connect to Universal Consciousness, the consciousness, or vibration, that every part of the Universe is emitting.   Doing Kundalini Yoga makes us more self aware so that we can begin our journey to connect with our Higher Self and with the Universal Consciousness.

If you're interested in learning more about the Chakras and how meditation can help with healing, I can recommend Meditation as Medicine by Dharma Singh Khalsa and Cameron Stauth.

Don't forget my 8-week course, 'Balancing The Chakras' is starting at Blissland on 5 February.